Supplemental to martial arts we at Fenriz Gym embrace a holistic approach to fitness. Our classes include Yoga sessions, dynamic sling training with TRX bands, functional kettlebell workouts, and comprehensive strength and conditioning sessions. Catering to all fitness levels, our classes are designed to inspire, challenge, and foster overall well-being.


Discover resilience with Fenriz Gym's Yoga Classes. Delve into a mindful practice that not only enhances flexibility and balance but also serves as a vital tool in injury prevention. In the dynamic world of martial arts, where wear and tear are inevitable, our yoga sessions provide a restorative counterbalance fostering longevity and well-being.

slingfit training

Grow functional strength with our slingfit classes, where dynamic suspension training transforms into a valuable asset for martial arts and fitness enthusiasts alike. The versatility of the TRX not only builds core strength, stability, and flexibility but also hones the specific muscle groups essential for martial arts performance. Our slingfit sessions provide a foundation that seamlessly translates into enhanced agility, control, and overall athleticism on the martial arts mat.

kettlebell training

Simple on the outside, the kettlebell is one of the most complex training tools to fully master. Kettlebell exercises not only cultivate strength, endurance, and explosive power but also enhance mobility and coordination – crucial attributes for martial arts performance. Join our kettlebell classes for an immersive experience that not only strengthens your body but also sharpens the skills necessary for success on your martial arts journey.

Strength & conditioning

From bodyweight movements and weightlifting to plyometrics and cardio, our strength and conditioning classes provide a well-rounded approach essential for martial artists. A robust strength and conditioning system not only enhances overall physical fitness but also contributes to improved endurance, agility, and injury prevention on the mat.

Trial Training

You want to try out a free training session with us? No problem! Just come by during our regular opening hours and talk to our team at the desk.

There, we'll advise you, find a suitable date together, and give you a tour of the gym.

Please note that due to high demand, we can rarely offer same-day appointments. For additional useful information about your trial training, please visit our Helpcenter.