Mixed Martial Arts

fenriz mma

Welcome to Fenriz MMA, where the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) comes alive. MMA is a dynamic and versatile combat sport that combines various disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing. At Fenriz MMA, we embrace the fusion and balance of these styles to create well-rounded athletes. Headcoach Ulf Fritzmann and the MMA team, with their wealth of experience, lead our students through structured classes which are as fun as they are challenging.

mma basics

In Fenriz MMA's basics classes we prioritize a smooth entry into the diverse world of mixed martial arts. These sessions concentrate on fundamental kicks, punches, and takedowns, along with essential skills such as distance management, defense, and basic grappling techniques. Recognizing the complexity of MMA, our approach involves categorizing our classes into stand-up, ground, takedowns, and wrestling. This segmentation ensures a focused learning experience, allowing participants to gradually absorb the multifaceted aspects of MMA.

mma Intermediate

The next phase of our MMA program consists of intermediate classes, made for participants with a minimum of 6 months of consistent training. Focused on progression, these sessions delve into more intricate techniques, emphasizing the art of chaining moves together and moving seamlessly between the different phases of a MMA fight. Serving as a crucial transitional phase, these classes are designed to prepare beginners for the challenges presented in our advanced sessions.

mma advanced

Delve into the nuances of MMA with Fenriz's advanced MMA classes, requiring a minimum of 1 year of consistent training. Geared towards participants seeking a higher pace, these sessions are both physically and mentally challenging. Next to sparring, the curriculum includes specific scenario drills aimed at refining an athlete's strategic game plan for competitive settings. Guided by experienced instructors, these advanced classes provide a focused environment for participants to hone their techniques and build their endurance to become competition ready fighters.

mma wrestling

Discover the power of precision in our MMA Wrestling classes at Fenriz. Dive into the art of takedowns, controlling opponents on the ground and pinning them against the cage. Led by expert instructors, our classes emphasize both offensive and defensive techniques, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of wrestling dynamics in the MMA context. Wrestling, a cornerstone of successful MMA athletes, provides the foundation for strategic dominance in the cage. Join us to refine this key ingredient for success in the dynamic world of mixed martial arts.

mma teens

Our MMA Teens course is catered to 11-15 year olds. Not only are these classes a fun and playful introduction to MMA, but lay a great foundation for a lifelong journey in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Taught by enthusiastic and experienced instructors, teens in this course will expand their mental and physical endurance, social skills and start building their skillset of MMA techniques. Not only that, but teens will have the chance to develop lifelong skills such as discipline, focus, respect and teamwork.

Trial Training

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