temporarily closed

As the result of the second lockdown we are closed during November. Stay safe and see you all back in December.


We live and breath fitness. Now more than ever it’s important to look out for yourself and stay healthy.



We are open and the classes are happening at the gym. Since June, 13th contact during class is also allowed. That means sparring and rolling 🙂

  1. Wearing a mask at all times is obligatory. The only time you don’t have to wear a mask is during a workout.
  2. Keep the distance of 1,5m meters to any other person at all times.
  3. Showers and changing rooms remain closed for now. Toilets are of course open.
  4. Bring a bag for your street shoes. The shoe racks can’t be used at the moment.
  5. No spectators allowed. Only people training or working at the gym are allowed inside.

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If you have more questions and thoughts that need answering, please feel free to reach out via the contact form.