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On 1400m2 we run multiple mat areas, a competition sized MMA cage and boxing ring as well as an extensive fitness area.

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Over 80 courses weekly and open every day of the week. Mondays till Fridays our schedule is packed both in the mornings and evenings.

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Our coaches have decades of experience in the sports and martial-arts scene both as coaches and active competitors.

Learn Martial arts - get fit - become energized and confident

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Robert Schulz

CEO & Fitness Coach

Ulf Fritzmann

Founder & MMA Coach

Felipe Cançado

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach

Saman Darvish

MMA Striking Coach

Eike Bornemann

MMA Ground & Muay Thai Coach

Jesse-Björn Buckler

Muay Thai Coach

Lars Barnickel

Muay Thai Coach

Stella Lutz

Muay Thai & Fitness Coach

Gemma Pike

MMA, Muay Thai & Fitness Coach

Jens Puzicha

MMA Wrestling Coach

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

No problem at all! Not starting a martial art because you are out of shape is like not starting to go to school because you haven’t learned anything yet. 

Our beginner courses are beginner friendly in terms of level of techniques and fitness required.

The way we train, our classes are not more or less dangerous than any other type of sport. As a beginner you don’t get to spar and even when you do we always keep an eye on our athletes to make sure we have a good training environment and nobody gets “beaten up”.

We insist that all visitors to the gym switch into flip-flops as soon as they enter the gym. This is a hygiene and safety measure. With several hundred people entering the gym every day and many athletes having close contact with the mat over extended periods of time, skin infections are a danger that we absolutely want to avoid.

If you forget to bring flip-flops that we deem acceptable you can buy a pair for 10EUR at the gym.

If you don’t bring flip-flops and are unwilling to buy a pair at the gym we might not allow you to participate in the training.

The beginner courses are suitable for absolutely anyone with no experience necessary. Intermediate and advanced courses have slightly different criteria based on the type of course. For additional information on whether you can participate in higher level courses please talk directly to your coach who can observe your skills during class.

Yes we do!

We have basic equipment like hand wraps and mouthpieces as well as our own merchandise like Gracie and Fenriz branded rashguards and soon also gis.

No problem at all.

We are 100% English friendly with all our coaches able and willing to explain techniques in English if required.

Currently, we don’t offer women only classes. However, we have a high number of female members participating in all of our courses. Ensuring that also as a female you will have a partner in your weight class.

As a major part of our policy we keep a close eye on the interactions of our members during class. Sexism, racism or any other sort of discrimination won’t be tolerated and you can always talk to our staff when you have a complaint to make.

Yes we do!

All our coaches offer private classes. If interested, just talk to us after class or contact us via e-mail.