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Fenriz was founded in 2010 as a gym focused on mixed martial arts training. Over the last 10 years it has developed itself into a hub for all things martial arts. MMA and the disciplines that form a part thereof are offered almost every day of the week. The disciplines include BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling.


Mixed martial arts or MMA for short started in the 80s and 90s when martial artists where trying to prove to each other which martial arts style is the best. The result was the realisation that no single style could beat every other style. Instead, you need the ability to fight standing up, you need to be able to throw an opponent and not be thrown and ultimately you need to know how to fight on the ground. Therefore, martial artists started to train and combine different styles. MMA was born.

MMA Training for beginners

Suitable for people with no prior MMA experience. MMA beginner classes focus on base techniques like simple punches, kicks or throws.


Because MMA covers many different positions and distances our classes are divided into stand-up, takedown and ground classes.

InterMediate MMA Courses

Suitable for people with at least six months of experience in MMA.


The classes include more difficult techniques and chain together basic techniques to effective combinations. The pace is faster and play sparring is sometimes part of this class.

Advanced MMA Courses

Suitable for people with a minimum of one year experience.

The class is 60 or 90 minutes long. Fast paced warm-ups and drills combined with complex techniques and combinations. Paired with sparring sessions our fighters prepare for their fights with these classes.

Team Fenriz MMA Berlin


Nesim has been a member of the gym since forever. He seeks a career as a professional MMA fighter and helps us teach it too.


Ulf has been fighting and winning MMA fights before MMA was even word. Ten years ago he founded our gym.


Sylvia is an active MMA fighter and teaches the elements of grappling and wrestling in MMA.


One of the best known boxing coaches in Berlin. He has immense experience teaching students of all levels.


Known all over Berlin for many years as a coach and competitor. Today Eike focuses on developing students into fighters.

Muay Thai / MMA

A world traveller and experienced fighter. Gemma has many professional fights in both MMA and Muay Thai.


Jens spent many years of his career in the US. With him he brought wrestling knowledge on a level which is rare to find in Europe.

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Frequently asked questions.

You have to be 18 or older in order to sign up for a membership yourself. If you are between 16 and 18 it is necessary to bring a signed letter of consent from your legal guardian including a copy of their ID to sign up. If you are younger than 16 your legal guardian has to be present when signing up. Should you sign up online and you are younger than 16 your legal guardian has to be present when you visit the gym for the first time to pick up your membership card.

Memberships are between 1 and 12 months long. For an overview of all our membership models please visit our membership page.

Make sure to bring clean bathing shoes or flip flops. You are not allowed to enter the gym barefoot, in socks or in street shoes. This is to keep the mats clean and avoid skin infections. Bring a towel and sportswear. The sportswear will depend on the course you are participating in. For more information please check our packing lists. Bring something to drink but make sure it’s no glass bottle.


Make sure you have read the updated corona information page and our house rules as you will find more information on what to bring there.

Yes! Most of our coaches speak several languages and classes are taught bilingual-

Yes we do. Regular training only happens in groups but if you are interested in 1:1 sessions please ask our coaches directly or send us an e-mail telling us what you are looking for.

In sparring we emphasise a focus on correct technique and performance. We encourage you to communicate with each other about power and intensity. Often we like to set certain tasks and do play sparring, a playful exchange of techniques. Of course in fight preparation we will adjust the intensity accordingly, these sparring sessions are reserved for advanced students and competitors.

You can find us at Lobeckstraße 36 in 10969, Berlin – Kreuzberg. From Lobeckstraße enter the tunnel with the big bicycle sign on top. Once in the backyard turn left immediately. The first door on the left on ground-floor is the entrance to our gym.

For your 2 trial classes you only need regular equipment and sportswear – no need for gloves yet. After your trials you will have to get your own equipment or rent equipment from us for a fee.

You need to bring sportswear without and metal parts on it. Bring bathing shoes or flip-flops that you don’t wear outside and a towel.

For your first visit make sure to arrive 10 minutes earlier. We will need the time to check you in, show you around and introduce you to the coach. Before the class starts make sure to remove all jewellery and piercings and to cut your nails short to avoid injuring yourself or your partner.

You get to participate in 2 trial classes for free. After those classes we are happy to advice you on the model that makes the most sense for you.