Welcome to our boxing classes, where the sweet science takes center stage. Dive into the fundamentals with our boxing basics classes or sharpen your skills in the advanced sessions. As one of the oldest sports in history, boxing offers more than just physical conditioning; it cultivates discipline, strategy, and mental agility. Join us for an enriching experience with boxing coach Luciano Robledo, where the art of boxing is embraced, from the basics to the complexities.

Boxing Basics

Practice the important fundamentals of boxing in our boxing basics classes. Suitable for complete beginners, these sessions prioritize essential elements like good footwork and correct technique. Whether you're stepping on the mat for the first time or seeking to refine your foundation, our boxing basics classes offer a welcoming and instructive environment.

Boxing Advanced

Elevate your boxing prowess with our boxing advanced classes. Designed for seasoned practitioners, these sessions focus on advanced techniques, strategic combinations, and nuanced footwork. Our advanced boxing classes offer the opportunity for participants to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of the sweet science. Led by our experienced instructor Luciano, these sessions are crafted to challenge and enhance your skills and get you ready to step into the ring.

Boxing Kids

Nurture your child's growth and character development in our boxing classes for 10-15 year old kids. Boxing not only promotes physical fitness but also instills resilience, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic. Our program provides a structured and encouraging atmosphere, offering benefits such as improved focus, enhanced problem-solving skills, and a heightened sense of responsibility.



Trial Training

You want to try out a free training session with us? No problem! Just come by during our regular opening hours and talk to our team at the desk.

There, we'll advise you, find a suitable date together, and give you a tour of the gym.

Please note that due to high demand, we can rarely offer same-day appointments. For additional useful information about your trial training, please visit our Helpcenter.