Angelle Is the Frauenbeauftragte at Fenriz Gym. What does this mean?

She is the person to talk to in the case of harassment or sexual harassment due to gender or gender expression. At Fenriz, we don’t stand for this type of behavior and would like to address it immediately when it arises. If you experience (or witness) an uncomfortable situation which you can’t address with your coach because they are male, we have a women’s representative who you can come to. We are aware that fight sports tend to be male dominated, and we take great effort at Fenriz to create an equal playing field for all. 


You can reach out to Angelle for any situations that you need addressed. She is here to ensure Fenriz remains a safe and comfortable for FLINTA* people along with everyone else. You can reach her via email at


*FLINTA is a German acronym that stands for people who identify as “Frauen, Lesben, intergeschlechtliche, nichtbinäre, trans und agender” which in English are people who identify as women, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender.