Anatomically, Kardia relates to the heart. The heart as a metaphor for pulsating life. For empathy, love and passion. Within the best Muay Thai fighters beats a “Jai Suu”, a big fighter-heart.

We practice Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) training in the heart of Berlin.

We offer Muay Thai courses for complete beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Muay Thai fighters have the chance to experience professional preparation for a competition or fight.

We value high-quality training and a respectful atmosphere. We want to encourage everybody to learn from each other and to find their own way to develop in their training and fighting. Before all, we want to share the enjoyment of exercise and the Muay Thai spirit.

Kardia stands for a solidary togetherness. Refugees or people without income can train for a reduced fee.

Meet Your Muay Thai Coaches

Eike Bornemann

MMA Ground & Muay Thai Coach

Jesse-Björn Buckler

Muay Thai Coach

Lars Barnickel

Muay Thai Coach

Stella Lutz

Muay Thai Coach

Gemma Pike

MMA, Muay Thai & Fitness Coach

Michelle Potraffke

Muay Thai Support Coach & Intern

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Thursday December 12
Friday December 13
10:00 - 11:00 Muay Thai – LVL All
Sunday December 15
Monday December 16
10:00 - 11:00 Muay Thai – LVL All
Tuesday December 17
Wednesday December 18
Thursday December 19
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