How To Join The Fenriz Live Classes

1. Get The Zoom Client

Zoom is a free to use videochat program, you can download the software for free for both Windows and MAC here.


Once you have downloaded and installed the software there are 2 ways to participate in the livestreams but first you want to make sure to reserve your spot.

2. Reserve your Spot

You can use the MySports App on your phone, which you can get on Android or iOS. Or log-in into your Fenriz Gym Account with your browser here.


Once logged in, visit the classes tab. On your mobile phone this is the little person icon on the bottom menu. Click on the class you are interested in and hit the reservation button. Done!

3. Join the Class

There are 2 ways to join or Zoom classes. You can either use the direct link that will open your Zoom client. Or you open the client first and enter the meeting-id and password.


Both the link and log-in details have been provided via e-mail. If you are a new member or if you have lost the log-in feel free to write us at info@fenriz-gym.com.

We Look Forward to Train With You! <3