Update regarding Corona Lockdown November 2020

First of all we would like to say that we share your frustration and understand the problems that all of you face because of this second lockdown. Even though we all together managed to organize a martial arts training situation that complied with all Covid-19 protocols and despite all the investments made into contact tracing and hygiene protocols,, we’re at a point again where training properly is impossible.

As of right now, the financial consequences for the gym are not 100% clear because the criteria for the help packages promised by the state are still being discussed. Right now, the idea is to help small businesses like ours with up to 75% of the turnover of last November. This may sound like a good idea, but most of you will know that since last November, the gym has more than doubled in sizeundefined; which means, there are substantially more fixed costs. Therefore, the November turnover is no reflection of our current situation unfortunately. Even worse, is that the current proposal with the “Kurzarbeitergeld” that our staff receives at the moment, is supposed to be deducted from those 75%. How much money will actually be left after this is a big question and it certainly won’t be enough.

The first lockdown we only managed because of your support and engagement. During this time we have only received a sum of 15.000€ which is less than one month rent while staying closed for 2,5 months. On top of that, we had to spend about 4.000€ on lawyers and other political actions to make our voices heard. But because politics takes time, we saw the result of that only in June and July.

Therefore, the experience we have from the first lockdown and the current proposal by the state show us that we can only make sure the gym remains open with your help.

Here is our proposed plan:

  1. Every member that is willing to support us with their membership fees during closure will receive a free membership month at the end of their regular membership.
  2. Should you decide to stop your payment for November please send an email to: coronapause@fenriz-gym.com. !Important! Please use the email address that you have registered with us and include your member ID in the email text.
  3. All “Lastschriften” direct debit payments will only run on the 20.11.20 this gives you more than 2 weeks to notify us if you want your payment paused.

Please be patient with us, should you have to wait a bit longer for email responses than usualundefined; there is a huge amount of communication traffic right now.

Lastly, to answer a few of the most common questions:

  1. Can I gift you my fee, I don’t need a bonus month? Sure! Please make a payment to the regular account and use: „SUPPORT“ as the subject line. Thanks a lot! We appreciate this (IBAN: DE17 1005 0000 0190 2947 36 – BIC: BELADEBEXXX).
  2. Can I cancel my membership because of Covid-19? No, as long as your membership wouldn’t end during the time of closure anyways. The length of the memberships is not influenced by current events.
  3. Do I have to reactivate my membership once the gym opens? No, all paused memberships get unpaused automatically as soon as we can offer classes here at the gym again.

Best regards and stay safe.

Team Fenriz