Bring Your Friends

And get yourself some free months

Because it's all about community

Help your best friend to book a trial class or two and bring them with you to share with them the sport you love the most.



If your friend decides to get a membership her- or himself, we will reward you with a free month of training*. The best thing about it? The more of your friends sign up, the more free months you will earn.

That's How it works

Signing up at the gym

  • Bring your friend to the gym
  • After your friend has signed up for a new membership* at our front desk you will receive a voucher for a free membership month

Terms & Conditions

* Per friend that signs up, the Fenriz-member will receive one membership month for free | This offer is only valid if the friend signs up for a membership with a minimum duration of 6-months at our location, and doesn’t revoke the membership | Excluded from this offer are “friends” that aren’t at least 16 years of age or are Fenriz-members already | The member can choose any month within her or his regular membership as free month, the originally agreed upon length of membership will extend by the amount of months the member redeems as rewards | The amount of course credits during the free month is the same as it is during any other regular month of the originally agreed upon membership | The Fenriz-member can make use of this offer from the first day of her or his membership | The free month however can only be redeemed after one full calendar month of active membership | To redeem the free month, the Fenriz-member has to approach our staff at the front desk and decide with them which month to use as free month | The free month always starts on the 1st of the chosen month | The voucher can’t be redeemed after the regular membership has ended | The free month can not be paid out in cash or any other form of service from Fenriz Trainingszentrum GmbH such as shop credit, personal training, food etc. or be handed over to a third party | Fenriz Trainingszentrum GmbH has the right to stop this offer at any time | This offer is provided by: Fenriz Trainingszentrum GmbH, Lobeckstraße 36, 10969 Berlin